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SN Mentoring is a happiness focused career consulting organisation. We invest time to carve out a career path which should ultimately lead to happiness for you. Because if one does what one loves, then one is happy! We are putting in all our experience, knowledge and research into this and we love what we do!

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Personalized Guidance

We have found that students and professionals compromise a lot in their careers. They are confused about and unhappy with the options available. SN Mentoring was started to show that there are solutions available for your career paths. All we need to do is start looking.

Spherical View

We believe in the all round – 360 degree philosophy. We understand and give value to every factor important to you, especially personal factors. We then set out on a journey to find actionable solutions. We believe that one size does not fit all.


Finding out what one can do well in life and then figuring out its path is an immense exercise, one which is complicated and difficult to engineer. We have dedicated ourselves towards it. And we do not give up easily. We are there with you till you find answers with the options available.


We are transparent in what we do and how we do it. We talk straight and cut all the chaff from real conversations. We refuse if we can not help you or if it is beyond our reach. We use industry data and case studies, and not our opinions, to find solutions.

Saurabh Nanda

Saurabh Nanda, our joie de vivre, is an internationally recognised and awarded mentor and trainer. His rich insights into education, psychology, engineering, IT, marketing and the world in general, afford him a view which is technical yet human at the same time. His forte is being able to communicate the most complex information in a simplified yet effective manner. With more than 9000+ hours of research into psychology and careers, he has consulted various schools, organisations and companies for education related services. He has impacted 20000+ students and young professionals through his work over the past 10 years. His clients span geographies in India, the middle-East, Japan, Denmark and beyond. SN Mentoring is an expression of all his experiences stitched together using technology to offer the most real and useful guidance to his mentees. It is a platform that provides students and young professionals all that the schools, universities, and test prep companies miss providing.

“Mentorship is an adventurous yet extremely gratifying journey for the mentor and mentee encompassing many aspects of personal and professional growth. It is a privilege to be a buddy, a compass, and a confidant for someone. All our mentees are our friends for life.”


Jhalak Rathi

“I am a creative pinata that loves the challenge of providing tailor made education, career and college application solutions.”

Education –Biotechnology Engineering | IIT Kgp | WBUT

Career – Education and Career Mentor

Passions – sketching and digital art, decor, travel, travelling and exploring local cuisines.

Priyank Sharma

“Education is the firewood whereas a mentor is the spark. A mentor helps you light the firewood, fan it just at the right time and in the right proportion. Mentorship is less about direction but more about creating a sense of belief. A mentor helps you explore both the worlds; the one outside and the one inside.”

Education –Education Research | Engineering | NIEPA | NCERT | TISS | NITJ

Career – Research Scholar in Education

Passions – Chess and writing poems

Shashank Pandya

“It gives me happiness and satisfaction to see students succeed and grow as a professional and a good person.”

Education –Mechanical Engineering | University of Bath | VTU

Career – Skill Development, Education | Start-ups

Passions – Peak Performance activities, cycling, trekking, swimming

Pallavi Khanna

“I’m trying to be a companion to you in your search and your exploration. The insights gained help in the clarity needed to proceed effectively ahead to meet life’s challenges and the emotional support that promotes a better sense of self and mental well being.”

Education –Medical and Psychiatric Social Work | TISS

Career – Psychologist and Counsellor

Passions – Reading, learning, travel, yoga

Kaushic Khanna

“I love to be a mentor as it comes with a “feel good” factor. What can be more rewarding & satisfying than knowing I am adding value and making a difference to someone else’s life.”

Education –Management | IIMA | NITJ

Career – Sales and General Management | RPG | BHEL

Passions – Travelling, Tennis, Brewing Coffee

Prashant Roy

“I firmly believe in being a mentor that I wish I had. As someone who has navigated their professional life without mentors, I always look for opportunities to provide right guidance to anyone who asks for it.”

Education –Corporate Law | University of Chicago | NALSAR Hyderabad

Career – Corporate Law | Amazon Web Services

Passions – Running and Travelling

Dr Itishree Misra

“I want to take students and youth to their best possible career paths.”

Education – Psychology and Psychometrics | DU | JNU

Career – Psychometrician and student counsellor

Passions – Cooking

Jasleen Kalra

“As an educator and mentor it gives me immense contentment when I enable children to find the artist, the dancer, the creator in them. It’s beautiful when children realise their hidden talents and become creators of their own destiny”

Education –Mathematics | Delhi University

Career – Public Policy, Education, Grassroots Empowerment | TFI | QCI

Passions – Baking

Ankit Kapoor

“I want students today to choose their careers after getting the required knowledge so that when they get into college and after that, they are happy doing what they like doing. So, I want to do whatever I can do to help kids and parents choose the field of their liking and choice”

Education –Management | IMT | SSCBS, DU

Career – Test Prep | Pratham, IIFM

Passions – Cricket, Music

Amandeep Rajgotra

“’Mentoring’, for me, is a process where the teacher/mentor puts his heart and soul into the journey of the mentee. That’s because it’s a journey where you share someone’s dreams, passion, and also the challenges and heart breaks. Finally it’s a process of mutual learning.”

Education –Law | NALSAR Hyderabad

Career – Test Prep

Passions – Wandering the woods and mountains

Dr Arti Anand

“Mentorship is a great responsibility in shaping a person’s career, his thinking process and to provide for sound and appropriate advice. This keeps me on my toes and I try to be a role model for students through my behavior, values and knowledge”

Education – Clinical Psychology | Delhi University (BA to PhD)

Career – Clinical Psychologist | Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Passions – Old Bollywood songs, movies and spending time with friends




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